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Garage Spring Replacement Vancouver

Does your garage door barely open or close, or is it surprisingly heavy? One potential reason for that is a broken garage door spring. A broken spring is evident as you can see where it snapped in half. In garages where there are multiple vehicles, it’s usually equipped with two torsion spring systems in case the other one snaps. But a single broken spring can prevent the garage door from entirely opening, so that can pose a problem.

It is advised to employ the help of professionals for complications regarding a garage door spring. If you have no prior knowledge on what to do, or the experience, you’re only putting yourself at extreme risk. Garage door springs are under constant pressure, and when it snaps, could cause serious injuries.

Garage Door Spring Repair Replacement Services in Vancouver

For a garage door to function, it needs a garage spring. What type of spring is installed will depend on the kind of garage door. We at Door Aid Solutions focus on installing torsion spring systems as it’s the safest system. Only trained and experienced professionals are advised to handle garage door springs, be it for maintenance, replacements, or repairs.


Torsion Springs

In a torsion spring system, springs are situated on a metal tube on the upper wall of the garage door. Drums are placed on both sides of the tube, which moves up and down to open the door. When the springs unwind and lose some tension, the door rolls up and opens. There is a unit of measurement called IPPT or inch pounds per turn, which measures the turning rates of the torsion spring.

Every IPPT is based on various factors such as the door’s weight, track radius, drums radius, and the door’s height. Torsion spring systems need to be set up carefully and properly for the door even to be upright. Springs can twist and turn at least 10,000 times before it can break. You can replace your torsion spring system with the extension spring system, but it’s more risky.


Extension Springs

Our technicians also have the ability to install an older version of spring systems. Extension systems are usually used in garages that have different sections. It allows the doors of different sections to open independently. With the extension spring system, the springs are mounted on the ceiling and extend inward as the door closes. Pulleys are utilized to route the cables from side of the door to the track.

Contact Door Aid Solutions for Professional Garage Door Spring Replacements Vancouver

Notice a broken spring on your garage? We recommend that you do not use your garage door for the meantime, as a broken spring can turn your garage door into a projectile. Contact us now and let us repair your garage door spring.

With Door Aid Solutions, you are sure to receive the most satisfactory service in the Vancouver area. All thanks to our highly skilled technicians that are backed with five years of experience.

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