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Commercial Garage Doors Vancouver

Every business is built on trust, especially in the warehouse and storage industry. That is why it is very important to invest in a strong and reliable garage door as part of your business’ operational cost.

Unlike residential garage doors, a commercial garage door is bigger and heavier. More than the aesthetics, commercial garage doors are required to open and close more often during the day to day business operations.

The wearing and tearing of commercial garage doors caused by repeated use are more imminent thus detailed maintenance and repair should always be a must.

Commercial Garage Door Repair and Services Include

New Garage Door Installation – We are here to help you in every step of the way from concept and planning, to material sourcing, to actual installation and completion. We offer free on-site checking and estimate to help you with the cost and timeline of your new garage door project.

Garage Door Repair – Because commercial garage doors are used more often in a day, parts are more prone to breakage. Whether it is a broken spring, or an unbalanced door or any kind of repair we can fix it. Trust us to provide fast, safe and efficient solution to all your garage door requirements.

Maintenance Services – Our commitment to our customers doesn’t stop after we installed or fixed their garage doors. We offer scheduled maintenance check to ensure all parts of the garage door are in optimum condition.

24/7 Assistance – Accidents happen, that is true even with garage doors. That is why we at Door Aid Solutions work round the clock to provide repair and assistance even in the most inconvenient time, to ensure you get the convenience and security in owning a garage door.

Why Are We The Best Choice?

Experience – We are in the business for over 5 years now and we continue to be the go-to service provider for all garage door inquiries. Over the years, we still abide to our commitment of providing the best garage door services to all our customers.

Professional Technicians – There is no garage door problem that we cannot fix! All our service personnel have gone through a series of training and are all licensed to ensure that they are knowledgeable in any garage door inquiry. Aside from their technical expertise, we also require all our service technicians to be courteous, honest and punctual at all times to be able to give our customers the highest professional services.

Reliable – Need help urgently? Call us at 788-650-0400 any time of the day and any day of the week and we will provide you a same day service. How do we do it? We are a local company and our mobile service technicians are always equipped with the proper tools and are ready to assist you.

Quality Guaranteed – We are not just always quick, we are also always sure. All our repair and installation services and part replacements are under a signed warranty contract to give you peace of mind. Whether it is a new door installation or repair, our experienced service technicians will make sure that your garage doors will function properly and safely. We also offer the best brands of garage doors and parts to ensure that you get only the best quality garage doors.

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